Mineral & Royalty Buying

We research your property and create an offer for all or a portion of your mineral and/or royalty interests. We will draft all the paper work, notify the operators and county taxing authorities of our transaction and close the deal with no costs to you. 

Why sell your minerals or royalty interest?

  • Larger payout now

      • Instead of waiting for even the possibility of monthly, sometimes longer, royalty checks, selling would provide you with a one time payout or lump sum.

  • Fractionalization

      • As minerals and royalties are passed down through generations, interests become more and more fragmented. Due to this, the financial benefit to each generation thereafter decreases. Dividing the assets received from selling your minerals and/or royalties can be financially more lucrative for your family members.

  • Eliminate uncertainty

      • Since the oil and gas industry is so extremely volatile, selling eliminates any insecurity or worry of the amount of money you might receive when those industry issues occur.

Why sell? the short answer is...it's a sure thing

Lease Acquisition

Monarch Minerals has a broad scope of experience and capabilities in the oil and gas industry. Our lease team has the capability to complete mass lease mail outs, group lease signings and personal visits to landowners. We understand the importance that in any lease play, small or large, a great deal of success depends on obtaining large blocks of contiguous acreage. Our track record and connections on the ground give us the flexibility to meet your goals.

The shale acreage leasing boom that once was 5-10 years ago is over. It is now very difficult in lease negotiations to have any leverage against oil and gas companies unless one has a sizable acreage position or is in the “core” of the basin. Without leverage, an individual mineral owner cannot maximize the value of their interests. Because of this, oil and gas companies are able to offer inferior terms to mineral owners because of the lack of competition and leasing activity in the area. Monarch Minerals creates value by putting together a large number of mineral owners and leveraging blocked up acreage against dozens of oil and gas companies, thus creating a competitive process.

If you’re interested in learning more about our leasing process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to walk you through it and also explain how we can maximize the value of your mineral interests.